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The following is an outline for membership according to our Constitution – Article III:

Section 1: Eligibility: All entertainers of any kind and support crew or other individuals who render entertainment services of any kind are eligible for membership if they reside in the territorial jurisdiction of this Union, subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the Union. Applicants for membership who are former members of this or any other Entertainment Union or who are currently members of another Entertainment Union are subject to appropriate provisions of the Union’s Bylaws.

Section 2: Application: Applicants for membership are required to complete the Union’s approved application form and pay the required fees and dues for membership. An applicant shall become a member of the Union upon approval of his/her application by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 3: Oath of Obligation: An applicant having been approved by the Executive Board, shall take the following oath of obligation, either verbally or in writing:

“I ……………………………… (name), do solemnly pledge my sacred word and honor, that I will faithfully support the Bermuda Entertainment Union and obey the Constitution and By-Laws to the best of my ability.”

Section 4: Orientation: Each new member will be required to attend and complete an orientation session(s) as outlined by the Executive Board. This session(s) should include an overview of the Constitution, benefits and any other relevant information.

Section 5: New Member Materials: In addition to other materials that may be supplied, the Executive Board shall provide each new member a copy of the Union’s Constitutional Bylaws, up to date supplementary, the current directory of members and wage scales.

Section 6: Rights and Benefits: Each member is entitled to:
(A) Information regarding entertainment employment opportunities;
(B) Receive contract samples and or assistance for possible engagements;
(C) Notification of development and special interest opportunities;
(D) Representation by the Union regarding any disputes with employers;
(E) Representation by the Board of Trustees regarding any disputes with the Executive;
(F) Membership listing and contact information through the Union’s various forms of media;
(G) Receive discounts and other benefits from various businesses and organizations associated in this manner; (H) Receive discounts on the required Traveler’s Due when bringing in foreign entertainment and technical staff; (I) Attend any and all general, special and annual membership meetings and vote when necessary;(J)
Receive information regarding the business of the union

Section 7: Duties: It shall be a violation of these Bylaws for any member:

  • (A)  To act in any way detrimental to the interest, standards or objective of the Union;
  • (B)  To act in bad faith or deal unfairly with the Union or any of its members;
  • (C)  To provide services as an entertainer on any engagement not covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the Union and an employer, without filing a fully completed, Union approved contract form with the Executive Board of the Union prior to commencing the engagement;
  • (D)  To knowingly perform any engagement without a Union approved form contract;
  • (E)  To perform or agree to perform an engagement for less than the minimum compensation established for such engagement by the Union;
  • (F)  To render services for organizations, establishments or individuals, on the International Unfair List;
  • (G)  To work for an employer against whom the Union has established a lawful, primary picket line or is engaging in a lawful, primary strike;
  • (H)  To fail to fulfill any commitment, written or verbal, to another member regarding an engagement, or to fail to comply with the industry standard of at least two weeks written notice between leader and associate entertainer to terminate their services relevant to a steady engagement;
  • (I)  To perform any engagement gratis without notification of the Executive Board.

Any such violations shall be subject to non- union representation, suspension or expulsion as determined by the Executive Board.


YOUTH MEMBERSHIP (18 & under) – Free