Travelers Dues

General Information about Traveler’s Dues


In accordance with the Bermuda Department of Immigration Work Permit Policies and the Bermuda Entertainment Union, all Promoters are required to obtain approval and pay the required Traveler’s Dues to this Union for all their entertainers, technicians and support staff rendering services in this jurisdiction that are based outside of this jurisdiction. Just as the Bermuda Department of Immigration ensures persons entering this country are not registered on Interpol and other travel band list, this Union has the responsibility of ensuring no entertainer and support staff is not on the International Unfair List. This protects Bermuda as a jurisdiction from boycotts issued to artists from international unions; protects local promoters from unwarranted expense and embarrassment; and protects the public from adverse behaviors previously exemplified by foreign artists/support staff. This Union will not approve anyone who is on the International Unfair List, however, the Department of Immigration reserves the right to approve any work permit. Accordingly, all persons approved by this Union shall be eligible for representation by this Union while in this jurisdiction as well as the local promoter/event planner.

Traveler’s Dues must be paid to this Union prior to the required temporary work permit submissions to the Bermuda Department of Immigration. A standard fee of $120 per person is assigned to the first ten overseas entertainers, technicians and support staff than a 50 percent rate reduction thereafter. Currently listed registered charities are entitled to the charitable rate of 50 percent of the standard Traveler’s Dues for the first ten overseas entertainers, technicians and support staff than a 75 percent rate thereafter. All charities must list their current Bermuda Government issued charity on the attached form. Students under the age of 18 will be considered for exemption from the Union’s Traveler’s dues only when proper documentation is provided and accompanied by the student’s date of birth and school affiliation. A promoter may request this special exemption however, this approval would be at the sole discretion of the Executive Board. Events without local entertainment are subject to a higher Traveler’s Dues rate. Income obtained by this Union from Traveler’s Dues is used to support the Union’s scholarship and sponsorship fund and to offset the daily operations of the Union.

Summary of vetting process and Union approval:

  1. Fully complete and submit the attached form submit by email to or call 441-704-ARTS (2787).
  2. Payment must be made in full. Payment options include cash, check or direct deposit to NTB account #20006060388922100 in the name of Bermuda Entertainment Union (a copy of this transaction must accompany the completed form).
  3. Local acts must be listed and confirmed.
  4. The BEU must be provided access for at least one inspector to ALL events.
  5. Please allow 2 working days for complete vetting.
  6. Once the vetting process is complete, a paid invoice will be forwarded by email to the organization or made available for collection. A copy of this invoice MUST be submitted with all other relevant documentation to the Department of Immigration when securing work permits. This confirms promoters/event planners have completed the required process with this Union.